500,00 лв.700,00 лв.

Off-road adventure package for up to 17 people and overnight accommodation

What the package includes:

  • Off-road ride with included ride in Jeeps amateur class and duration 2 hours
  • Up to 10 bicycles for all-day use
  • The price is valid for up to 8 or 17 people depending on the package chosen

Possibility to add nights in guest house "The Chamurkov House", as well as a wine tasting in winery "Yalovo"

More for your holiday:

We offer a unique stay filled with new memories for your group. If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday, we have prepared a special package that combines comfortable accommodation, adventurous walks and culinary delights. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy off-road adventures, explore the culture and sights of the nearby region and immerse yourself in the world of wine.


Get ready for an adventure!

An off-road experience will give you the chance to immerse yourself in the wildlife of the region. A professional guide will lead you through winding trails, mountain passes and beautiful landscapes. We'll traverse rugged off-road terrain, which will evoke a sense of freedom and excitement and provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. The ride is 2 hours long

Optionally, you can immerse yourself in a magical journey through the world of wine. The wine tasting in the winery "Yalovo" includes: a visit to the winery, a discussion about the history of the winery, a presentation of production methods and techniques, a tasting of 7 wonderful wines, as well as homemade appetizers. The tasting lasts about 1 hour. The tasting costs 50BGN per person and is not included in the package price.



For the duration of your stay, we provide bicycles for you to explore the surrounding beautiful trails and secluded spots. For active recreation lovers, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature.


Add nights:

1, 2 or 3 nights in the cozy guest house "Chamurkovata house". The house has an authentic atmosphere, comfortable furnishings, and wonderful views of the surrounding nature. It is located only 3 km from the town of Chamur. The house is situated in the small picturesque village of Malki Chiflik, just 2 km from Veliko Tarnovo. The village is a hidden place, known for the clean air and the constant breeze over the Tarnovo heights, the peace and quiet conducive to quality sleep and a good rest. In the atmosphere of the lovely landscaped garden with many flowers, rockeries, mini pond with water lilies you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air and relax in a comfortable collapsible pool.

The price is valid for a whole group of up to 8 or 17 people, depending on the chosen package, excluding overnight stays.

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After selecting the accommodation option you will receive directions to make a direct reservation at the Chamurkov's Guest House Boutique.

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Additional information

We offer an unforgettable stay for your group, combining comfortable accommodation, adventurous walks and culinary delights. From 1 to 3 nights in the unique "Chamurkova house" in the village of Malki Chiflik, just 3 km from Veliko Tarnovo, offer the pleasure of nature and tranquility. With bikes included, you can explore the surrounding trails and nature hideaways, and the off-road adventure gives you the opportunity to enjoy the wilderness with a professional guide. Wine tasting at Yalovo Winery is a true journey through the magic of wine.

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Choose driving


Choose number of people

up to 8 persons, from 8 to 17 persons

Ability to cancel an appointment

You can cancel/change your reserved time up to 24 hours before the start time of your ride.

Off-road adventure

2 hours off-road ride with amateur class Jeeps, according to the selected number of participants, The off-road ride takes place around the village of Arbanassi

Wine tasting

Together with the off-road adventure you have the opportunity to combine a 7-degree wine tasting in the winery "Yalovo", The cost of the tasting is 50lv per person and is not included in the package price.


The package includes all-day provision of bicycles, a total of 10 bicycles are available, you will be provided with access to a GPS application on which routes around Arbanassi and Veliko Tarnovo are recorded.

Guest House

The house has full kitchen equipment, Wi-Fi internet, barbecue, collapsible pool, karaoke speaker, satellite TV and air conditioning, indoor tavern 45m2 with fireplace and minder, outdoor shed with barbecue in a landscaped courtyard, each accommodation is located in a separate building and offers an interior in authentic local style.

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Half-day off-road tour

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