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We offer you a very exciting and adventurous Paintball experience where you can enjoy the action and strategic play with friends or colleagues. It is an experience that takes you beyond the confines of everyday life and allows you to immerse yourself in a world of adventure and fun.

Paintball is a sport in which participants are equipped with pneumatic guns called markers and shoot gelatin paintballs filled with paint. On contact with the target, the pellets crack and leave a solid mark. A player is eliminated when there is a hit mark on him or his equipment. The game offers a unique experience that combines strategy, team spirit and adrenaline. It is full of energy and emotion. From the moment you fire your first round, you'll be immersed in intense action and competitiveness. Team spirit is also an important part of Paitball's gameplay. You and your teammates will need to work together, communicate, cover each other's defenses, and fulfill different roles on the team.

Types of games

Classic Paintball - it includes a starter pack - protective cover, marker (paintball gun) and 200 paintballs.
Reball - played with small rubber balls, the necessary equipment is included in the package.
Bigshot - played with large foam balls, the necessary equipment is included in the package.
The playing fields are wooded, located around the village Arbanassi and Veliko Tarnovo.

Minimum number of participants - 10 people.

The terrain on which the game takes place only allows for smaller teams that have different positions; more passive and more active, and accordingly people can be distributed according to their playing abilities. If the numbers are larger, multiple teams can be formed by organising mini-games, tournaments or taking turns.

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We offer an exciting Paintball experience where you can have fun and compete with friends or colleagues. The game is played with pneumatic guns firing gelatin paintballs, and the goal is to eliminate your opponents by covering each other in mutual defense and playing different roles in the team. Options include classic Paintball with a starter pack, Reball with rubber pellets and Bigshot with foam pellets. The fields are located in a natural setting around the s. Arbanassi and Veliko Tarnovo, providing opportunities for strategy and action in an unforgettable adventure. The minimum number of participants is 10, and the game can be organized with several teams or tournaments with a larger number of participants.

Additional information

Ability to cancel an appointment

You can cancel/change your reserved time up to 24 hours before the start time of your ride.

Types of games

Classic Paintball, Reball, Bigshot

Minimum number of participants

10 people


Price is per person

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Once you have placed your order you can send a booking request via our website. Within the same day we will either confirm your request or offer you another possible time.

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