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ATV for rent


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In the case of free ATV rental, driving on OFFROAD TERRAINS IS PROHIBITED.

The package includes:

  • ATV rental according to the chosen duration 
    - valid registration, driving licence required
    - two-seater with automatic gears
    driving on off-road terrain is prohibited*
    * The ATVs have built-in GPS tracking systems, in case of an attempt to go off the national road network, the tracking system immediately gives a signal, which may lead to immediate termination of the machine rental contract, as well as to the imposition of a fine in the amount of the deposit paid in advance.
  • duration 4 hours or 24 hours
    - the duration starts from the moment of payment of the service
  • a tank full of fuel sufficient for a range of between 100 and 200km, depending on the mode of operation
    - if the mileage is exceeded and additional fuel is needed, the user of the service is obliged to fill the machine with the required fuel. The machine is not required to be returned with a full tank of fuel.
  • helmets, booties and goggles provided
  • safety instruction and operation of the hired machine


In case you want to drive your ATV on off-road terrains then this is POSSIBLE.

Make your request for an off-road ride through our booking system (select the "Book Now" button), state your chosen day and time, and you will be included in one of our off-road rides with an included instructor and guide on a pre-determined route.

Inclusion in an organized off-road ride is available at an additional cost from 50BGN per hour (per ATV, regardless of the number of passengers on it), the corresponding amount is paid on the spot at the off-road base of HillView Veliko Tarnovo, just before the start of the off-road ride.


Additional conditions


  • Requirements 

A valid category "B" driver's license of at least 3 years and a minimum age of 23 years are required to rent an ATV.

  • Terms and Conditions, Vehicle Use Agreement and Personal Data Collection Declaration

You can find and download the general terms and conditions of use of the service as well as the rules for the use of the vehicles from the service page. By paying for the service, the user enters into a contract for the use of the vehicle he has rented. The contract can be found and downloaded after completing your order. Prior to completing their order, users are required to fill in all details required for the contract, including scanning/photographing their ID and driving licence. After completing the personal data, users need to tick their consent collection, use and processing of their personal data.

  • Signing documents 

Signing of all documents is done electronically by checking a consent box on each of the fields in the purchase completion process.

  • Deposit 

A deposit of 240 BGN is required for the rental of a machine. The deposit covers damages caused by improper operation and any damages caused by the user. The deposit serves as a guarantee to cover a fine, in the amount of 240lv, in the case of driving the machine on off-road terrain (terrain outside the national road network), when the same is done outside the conditions regulated above*. Your deposit will be returned within 5 working days once the good condition of your rented machine has been established.
* with prior reservation and the participant's inclusion in an organized off-road ride with an included guide/instructor

  • Zone of use

The use zone is the area in which vehicles may be driven. This zone is the territory of the town of. Veliko Tarnovo and with. Arbanassi, as well as the adjacent territories within a radius of 30 km from the town of Veliko Tarnovo. Veliko Tarnovo, including the areas of Hotnitski Waterfall, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Emenski Waterfall, Dryanovski Monastery, etc.

  • Instruction and familiarisation with basic safety guidelines when operating the machine 

The user of the service undertakes to familiarize himself with the information provided to him for the safe operation of the rented machine.

After hiring the machine, all service users will be provided with a briefing by an instructor OR training materials which will provide them with all the necessary information on the use of the machine itself, as well as its safe operation. By signing the declaration of consent, he/she declares that he/she will voluntarily familiarise himself/herself with them and that he/she accepts responsibility in the event of non-compliance with the guidelines for safe operation as well as damages in the event of improper operation of the machine.


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Payment of a deposit to cover damage to the machine, as well as penalties for unauthorized driving on off-road terrain.

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Additional information

Additional information


Minimum 23 years of age, Category "B" driving licence obtained at least 3 years ago

Additional requirements and conditions

In case of remote rental, you need to scan/photograph your ID and driver's license during the order process, In case of remote rental, you need to take a picture of the current condition of the machine after completing the order, The duration of your rental starts from the confirmation of your order, The machine needs to be returned from the location from which it was hired, When hiring the machine it will be with a full tank, When exceeding 100-150km mileage, You are required to refuel the machine if necessary to continue its operation and not allow it to run out of fuel, It is not required to return the machine with a full tank


In the trunk of your machine you will find - helmets, goggles and bonnets, If you need to replace any of the above, the same can be done in our base in Arbanassi, every day from 9:00 to 18:00.

For off-road driving

In the case of free ATV rental, driving on off-road terrain is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED, The machines have built-in GPS tracking systems, going off the national road network results in a fine in the amount of the deposit paid in advance, To drive the machine on off-road terrain it is possible to make a reservation for an off-road ride. The same can be done via the booking system ("Book now") or directly by telephone enquiry. For an off-road ATV rental there is an additional charge of 50 BGN/hour for the whole machine (regardless of whether one or two people ride the machine).

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