Gift Ideas - For Him

A gift for a birthday, an anniversary or just to make a loved one happy. We at HillView - Veliko Tarnovo will provide you with gift ideas for him.

For an unforgettable experience, we know that it takes desire and encountering new, never before experienced emotions. Here is our list, suitable for anyone who wants to surprise a relative, friend or loved one.

Off-road expedition

They represent several full-day walks lasting about 8 hours. In the expeditions you can visit various sights around Veliko Tarnovo - monasteries, waterfalls, etc., and lunch is also provided at the chosen destination. You can choose from - Emen Canyon and Waterfall and Hotnitsa Waterfall; Kereka locality, Kupinov Monastery and Waterfall and Plakov Monastery; Dryanovo Monastery and Bacho Kiro Cave. This option also offers the possibility of overnight stays. More information can be found on our website.

An unforgettable day for your mate or friend

This is one of the most memorable experiences you can give as a gift, offered only by HillView - Veliko Tarnovo. This package includes: digging with a mini excavator, digging and plowing with a tractor and riding on a Russian military bus. We offer a delicious lunch on a beautiful view or in an authentic tavern. Then the adventure continues. You have the opportunity to drive one of our off-road machines, your choice, and traverse rugged off-road terrain and trails that will evoke a sense of freedom.

Horseback riding and off-road with wine tasting

For all adventure lovers.

Relax in the beautiful nature around the old capital with a holiday at the Paradise Garden Hotel in St. Gora, with a magnificent view of Veliko Tarnovo. Or at the Sevastokrator Hotel in the village of. Arbanassi, which has its own personality, style and atmosphere, preserving the history, spirit and traditions of our homeland. The holiday continues with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings while riding a horse in the Kaloyan Equestrian Base. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can replace horse riding with cycling. We will provide bicycles that will be at your disposal throughout the day. The wine tasting for two at the Yalovo winery includes: a visit to the winery, a discussion about the history of the winery, a presentation of production methods and techniques, a tasting of 7 wonderful wines, and homemade appetizers. The tasting lasts about 1 hour.

Gift voucher

If you can't choose from our range of services, then a gift voucher is perfect for you. We offer different values to choose from. After purchasing a "Gift Voucher - Value" the voucher user needs to select the service they wish to use from our website and place an order for the relevant service using their voucher code.

More information can be found on our website by following this link here. You can also choose from our other services.

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