Here's the difference between an ATV and a buggy

For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, all-terrain vehicles offer an exciting experience and the opportunity to explore rugged terrain. Popular options include ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) and buggies. Both vehicles are designed to tackle challenging landscapes but have different characteristics. For this, they suit different preferences and needs. In this article, we will introduce you to the difference between ATVs and buggies.


ATVs, also called four-wheelers, have a stretch-style seat and handlebar steering similar to motorcycles. A single or dual seat configuration is usually available. ATVs are lightweight and compact. This makes them nimble and easy to maneuver on narrow trails.

On the other hand, buggies, also called dune buggies or off-road go-karts, have a car-like design, with side-mounted seats. Buggies are often fitted with roll bars for safety and larger wheels. Thanks to this, they handle rough terrain more efficiently.


ATVs are known for their excellent handling capabilities, thanks to their steering and relatively lower center of gravity. The driver can lean into corners, providing a more intuitive driving experience. Thanks to their narrow design, they can maneuver in tight spaces. And also navigate winding paths with ease. However, this agility can also make them less stable on uneven surfaces.

Buggies provide a more stable ride due to their wider stance and four-wheel construction. With a steering wheel instead of handlebars, driving a buggy is more like driving a car. Some riders may find the steering wheel more familiar and comfortable. The improved stability and handling make buggies suitable for tackling sand dunes, rocky terrain and even steep inclines.


Both ATVs and buggies are designed for off-road use, but feature different terrains. ATVs are particularly suited to navigating narrow trails, wooded areas and muddy terrain. Their lightweight construction allows them to glide over soft surfaces without sinking.

Buggies, on the other hand, are better equipped to tackle sandy deserts, open dunes and rocky terrain. Their wider stance and larger wheels provide more traction and stability on loose surfaces.

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