Free tours on the occasion of the holiday of Veliko Tarnovo by HILLVIEW

Immerse yourself in the world of off-road adventure!

On 22.03.2023 we give you an unforgettable off-road day with free tours every 30 minutes. The doors of our base will open at 09.00. We will be glad to have you as our guests and celebrate this beautiful occasion together by sharing great emotions and smiles!

Here is our organization

  • Every round hour - free 30-minute tours will start every round hour throughout the day
  • Choose machine - if you wish, you can wait until the next ride to operate your desired machine.
  • Save machine - everyone would have the opportunity to reserve his desired machine on the spot before the time of his walk.
  • Safety - Before the start of your chosen walk, you need to fill in the necessary paperwork. A safety briefing will then be given.
  • Arrive 30 minutes early - to join the walk, you need to be with us 30 minutes before the start time so we have plenty of time to prepare.

Our program

09:00 - opening our base to all guests

10:00 - start of First off-road walk

11:00 - start of second off-road walk

12:00 - start of third off-road walk

13:00 -time for a short break for our team

14:00 - start of Fourth off-road walk

15:00 - start of Fifth off-road walk

16:00 - start of Sixth off-road walk

Our machines

You will be able to choose between the following machines:

  • 4 pieces 450cc ATV - 2-seater
  • 2 pieces 150cc BUGGY - 2-seater
  • 2 pieces 250cc BUGGY - 2-seater
  • 2 pieces 550cc Buggy - 2-seater
  • 2 pieces Daihatsu Jeep and Off-Road Smart - 2-seater
  • 2 pieces SUVs UAZ - 6-seater
  • 1 piece off-road bus GAZ - 12 seats
  • 1 piece off-road jeep Vitara - 3-seater

We look forward to seeing you and having fun together!

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