It's time for off-road adventures with HillView

With summer upon us, it's time for even more off-road adventures. Enjoy unforgettable emotions, beautiful views and explore the nature around Veliko Tarnovo and with. HillView - Veliko Tarnovo offers everything a seeker of strong emotions and adventures needs.

Our services involve the use of different motor vehicles, varying in duration and level of extremity.

Motor vehicles offered by us

  • ATV - junior class - 125cc, with semi-automatic gears, rear-wheel drive only, making it more low-riding. Suitable for those under 18 years of age or with no off road driving experience;
  • ATV - tourist class - suitable choice for experienced and beginner riders, 450cc, 4 x 4, stable and highly tractable, suitable for all the rides we offer.
  • Buggy - amateur class - a suitable choice for beginners, rear-wheel drive only, making it a low-clearance, easy handling, kart-like bike;
  • Buggy - tourist class - 550cc, automatic gears, 4 x 4, stable and high-travel, suitable for beginners and experienced drivers, as well as heavy terrain; You can also choose a buggy - touring class 800cc with manual gears, suitable for people with experience;
  • Offroad Smart - non-standard choice for self-driving, automatic gears, raised suspension. You can experience this off-road adventure only with HillView.
  • Daihatsu off-road jeep - Manual speed, 4 x 4, suitable for the toughest off-road terrain, one of a kind. Can be driven by amateur and experienced riders;
  • Off-road jeep UAZ - suitable for self-driving and riding with a driver included. Designed for rough terrain and experienced drivers. Manual speeds, 4 x 4 and off-road capability;
  • Jeep Suzuki Vitara - suitable for self-driving and riding with a driver included. Manual speed, 4 x 4, suitable for relaxed and extreme driving;
  • Porsche Cayenne Jeep - a blend of luxury and off-road. Experience an unforgettable experience.
  • Off-road bus GAZ - A one of a kind, 4 x 4, all-terrain machine suitable for extreme terrain and experienced riders.
  • Tractor - return to your childhood, 1 person capacity.

Explore Veliko Tarnovo and the areas around the old capital city - waterfalls, churches and monasteries, fortresses, nearby gards. Choose the best off-road route for you and leave everything else to us. Experience unique off-road adventures!

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