A trip to Bozhentsi with HILLVIEW

Bulgaria is a land rich in history and beautiful natural landscapes that attract tourists from all over the world. One of the country's hidden gems is Bozhentsi, a small village in the Balkan Mountains that preserves the spirit of Bulgarian tradition and culture. If you are a lover of adventure and history, walk to Bozhentsi will definitely impress you.

History and culture

Bozhentsi is a village whose history stretches through the centuries. Here time has stood still, leaving an incredible atmosphere of antiquity and tradition. The village has preserved the old stone houses with wooden roofs and landscaped courtyards that make every walk through its streets an amazing journey through time.

According to legend, Bozhentsi was founded by the boyar Bozhana, who fled with her children from Tarnovo in 1393 after its fall to the Ottomans. Then many Turnovians fled from there and settled in less accessible parts of the Balkan

The local church of St. Nicholas, built in 1834, combines religious significance and architectural beauty. A visit to the church offers an opportunity to admire the icons and frescoes that have survived the changes of time.

Natural beauties

Bozhentsi is located in the area of the Balkan Mountains, where nature is abundant. When walking around the village, tourists can enjoy the richness of the mountain landscapes, rivers and forests. This area provides excellent opportunities for hiking and photography.

Local crafts and culinary delights

Bozhentsi is famous for its traditional crafts and handicrafts. Here you can find unique handmade products that reflect the Bulgarian craft tradition. Exploring the workshops of the local craftsmen, you will enjoy their skills and you will be able to buy authentic souvenirs.

And you can't miss the culinary experience. Here you can taste traditional Bulgarian dishes made from local products that will immerse you in the taste of native cuisine.

The walk to Bozhentsi is a journey through time and nature that leaves unforgettable impressions. Here you can enjoy Bulgarian tradition, natural beauty and the opportunity to experience the tranquility and comfort of a small Bulgarian village. If you are looking for a unique and authentic experience, Bozhentsi is the perfect destination for you.

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