Monasteries and waterfalls around Veliko Tarnovo

If you are a visitor to Veliko Tarnovo and want to visit the more famous monasteries and waterfalls choose HillView. In this article we will introduce you in detail to one of our very favorite routes. Spend your time in the old capital outdoors, in nature and enrich your knowledge. Let's start our virtual tour.

Monasteries around Veliko Tarnovo

In our walk we have included the monastery "St. Nicholas the Wonderworker", Kilifarev monastery "Nativity of the Virgin Mary", Plakov monastery "St. Prophet Elijah" and Transfiguration Monastery "Holy Transfiguration".

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Monastery - was founded in 1272 during the reign of King Constantine I Asen the Silent. During the Turkish rule the monastery was devastated many times. In 1794 the abbot of the monastery was Sofroniy Vrachanski. At that time he also brought a copy of the History of Slavonic Bulgaria. The largest construction in the monastery was between 1856 and 1864. Two-storey residential buildings were erected and a chapel was built. The monastery also had a cell school. Philip Totyu's troops as well as Vasil Levski and Angel Kanchev found shelter there.

Kilifarev Monastery "Nativity of the Virgin Mary" - The monastery was founded in 1348 by Theodosius of Tarnovo with the support and help of Tsar Ivan Alexander. The monastery became the center of a literary school and had over 460 students. In 1718 the monastery was erected on its present site on the banks of the Belitsa River, 400 meters west below the old monastery. The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary with 2 chapels dedicated to Ivan of Rila and Theodosius of Tarnovo was built and painted then. In 1840 master Kolyu Ficheto began the construction of the present church "St. Dimitar". He preserved a part of the old altar wall and the chapels of Sts. Theodosius and Sts. Ivan of Rila. The temple was completed in 1842 and included a church, residential and outbuildings.

Plakovo Monastery "St. Prophet Elijah" - was founded during the Second Bulgarian State, around 1280. In the monastery, in 1835, was organized the Velcho Zaviera.

After the suppression of the conspiracy, the monastery was again destroyed. A large marble plaque under the monastery bell tower reminds us of this, its inscription reads:

"Glory to the heroes who gathered a hundred years ago and died for the freedom of their people. Tarnovo, Ivanaki Ionkov Kyurkchiyata from Vratsa, Father Hadzhi Sergiy, abbot of the monastery "St. Ilia", Kolyo Gaitandjiyata from V. Turnovo, Master Dimitar from Sofia, Hadzhi Yordan Beardata from Elena, Daskal Andon Nikopit from Macedonia and many other patriots, led by Capt. Georgi Mamarchev from Kotel, the inspirer and organizer of the covenant. Bulgarian People's Committee, Sofia, Easter, 1935."

Transfiguration Monastery "Holy Transfiguration" - it is the largest of all the monasteries located around Veliko Tarnovo and the fourth largest in Bulgaria. It was founded during the Second Bulgarian State in the 13-14th century. Currently the monastery is located 400 m from its previous location. It was destroyed with the fall of Tarnovo in the late 14th century. The present appearance of the monastery is of the monastery-fortress type. The main buildings were erected in the early 19th century by Kolyu Ficheto. The frescoes in the church are the work of the eminent representative of the Samokov school of painting Zachary Zograf and date from 1849 - 1851. Along with the Slavic enlighteners Cyril and Methodius, Zachary Zograf painted his self-portrait, and the temple icon "Transfiguration of the Lord" has his autograph.

Waterfalls around Veliko Tarnovo

In our walk we have included Emen, Kepinov and Hotnitsa waterfalls. The road to them passes through beautiful views, areas and villages. Let us tell you a little about each of them.

Emen Canyon and Waterfall - are located in a picturesque area along the river Negovanka, at the foot of the Pre-Balkan, 20 km west of Veliko Tarnovo. Thanks to the flowing water, thresholds, waterfalls, eddies and niches have formed, surrounded by rocks up to 90 metres high. The waterfall is named Momin Skok and is 10 metres high. Below the waterfall a whirlpool is formed with a magnificent view. The waterfall takes its name from a legend that tells of three maidens who jumped together from the rocks of the waterfall to avoid falling into the hands of the Ottomans who were chasing them. 

Waterfall of Kepinovo - located about 20 km from Veliko Tarnovo. The height of the waterfall is 7 meters. The view is amazing. There you could find a place for photos, delicious food, and for the enthusiasts there is even a possibility of bathing and swimming in the waterfall.

Hotnik Waterfall - or also called Kaya Bounar, is a waterfall on the Bohot River. Its height is about 30 meters. An amazing place for photos and rest.

Treat yourself to moments in nature with our team. We are waiting for you!

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