How to taste wine?

The art of wine tasting goes hand in hand with the opportunity to relax our senses and feel the fascinating taste and aroma. In the following lines, we will introduce you to how to taste wine, even if you are not a professional. How to tune our senses to its colour, aroma and taste.

According to historical sources, the first amateur tasting group, which is called Les Courtiers-Gourmets-Piqueurs de Vin (Wine Brokers-Connoisseurs-Tasters), and which still exists today, was founded in Paris by Philippe le Bel in 1312. 

Every one of us can taste wine amateur and even professionally. It has been proven that in the world only 5% of the population has disorders in the sensory organs of smell and taste.

The tasting goes through three main stages: evaluation of the appearance of the wine, evaluation of the aroma and evaluation of the taste. It is always advisable to start with the lighter wines, and it is a good idea to take water after each sip. This will make it easier to distinguish the flavours. Choose a glass with a narrower neck so that the aroma reaches you more easily.

Assessment of the appearance of the wine

Observe the color of the wine from above, do not tilt the glass. Hold on to the stem of the glass to keep it warm. Raise the glass to eye level and point at the light - this will determine the clarity of the wine.

When the white wine has a pale green colour, this is a sign of a young, aromatic and fresh wine. Older white wines have a golden colour, and fully mature wines are even amber. If you notice a cloudy colour, it means that the wine has not been well processed or is spoiled.

The younger red wines are red-purple, with a deep ruby, cherry-coloured violet hue. Mature wines are lighter, tile-coloured or ochre. Very old wines are brownish in colour, often even having lost their red hues. 

Flavour assessment

Flavor analysis goes through two phases, called in professional circles "first instinct" and "second instinct." First instinct - inhaling the aroma as soon as it is poured into the glass and feeling the quickly passing aroma. In second instinct, you smell the aroma after the wine has saturated with oxygen. Before you feel the aroma in the second phase, it is good to swirl the glass.

Taste assessment

This is the final stage of the wine tasting. Here we advise you to take a sip of wine and hold it in your mouth. In this way you will warm it up and experience all the flavours it has.

And now you're ready for wine tasting. Trust HillView and delve into the mysteries of wine with us and our friends from winery "Yalovo". It is the natural connection between us humans. Here you can take a look at our offer for entertainment and wine tasting.

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