Thank you for sharing your emotions!

22nd March was an unforgettable day for us, as well as for all our guests and friends, with whom we shared some unforgettable off-road moments together.

We sincerely thank everyone who joined us to fill it with off-road adventure and excitement! Your participation made this day unforgettable for us as well.

Your energy, smiles and adrenaline have inspired us to do our best to give each of you the best off-road experience possible. Your willingness to face challenges and enjoy tough trails is what makes our events so special.

We are happy that you have shared these moments with us and that you have made our base a place of convergence. You are the heart of every off-road event we organize and there is nothing more valuable than your support.

We look forward to seeing you again so we can create many more unforgettable memories and adventures together.

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