Walk to Buzludzha and Shipka with HILLVIEW

HillView - Veliko Tarnovo offers walk, off-road not included, to Buzludzha and Shipka.

The off-road tour "Shipka and Buzludzha" is a tour visiting various historical sites in the regions around Veliko Tarnovo. The duration is 4 hours or 8 hours and is conducted by car.

The tour can start from our base in the village of Arbanassi or we can pick you up from a convenient location within the town of Arbanassi. Veliko Tarnovo or with. Arbanassi. You can find out more at the link above.

Some information about the sites we will visit:

Monument of Freedom

The peak on which the Shipka Monument, or the Monument to the Free, is located is called St. Nicholas. It is located in the Balkan Mountains and has an altitude of 1326m. The peak symbolizes the heroism and efforts for the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. The first stone of the monument was laid on 24.08.1922.[and its construction was completed in 1931. On 26.08.1934 the monument on St. Nicholas Peak was inaugurated by the Head of State Tsar Boris.


The monument is the largest ideological monument of the communist regime in Bulgaria. It was erected in 1981 on Mount Hadji Dimitar, better known by its old name Buzludzha, in honour of the Buzludzha Congress, held at the same place in 1891. It was a shrine for the Bulgarian Communist Party. As a result of the political changes in Bulgaria after 1989, the monument began to crumble. But it still occupies the 25th place in the international ranking of "Most Beautiful Abandoned Places".

Walk with HillView and visit some of the most iconic and notable places.

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