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See all our offers for off-road tours and rides. Dive into the magic of Veliko Tarnovo with adrenaline in your blood and a smile on your face!

Are you craving adrenaline and adventure? HillView offers you the most exciting off-road tours and rides around one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria - Veliko Tarnovo. We invite you to dive into the magic of nature with adrenaline in your blood and a smile on your face!

Off-road adventures in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is known for its incredible landscapes and varied terrain that make it an ideal place for off-road adventures. With HillView, you can enjoy a unique adventure driving an ATV, buggy or Jeep in some of the country's most iconic locations. From mountain peaks to mountain precipices, our tours will take you to places you can't find on a regular road.

Explore Veliko Tarnovo and its surroundings

Veliko Tarnovo is not only a historical city, but also the perfect base for off-road adventures. With our tours you will have the opportunity to explore not only the city itself, but also its surroundings, including Arbanassi - one of the most picturesque villages in the region. Feel like true travellers as you pass through off-road roads and discover hidden gems of nature.

Suitable for all

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced driver, our off-road tours are suitable for everyone. Our instructors will help you tackle any challenge and enjoy every minute of your journey. Also, we offer different modes of transportation from atv and buggy to jeep so you can choose the one that best suits your preference and comfort level.

Book Now

Don't wait any longer to start your off-road adventure with HillView. Book your tour today and prepare for unforgettable moments in the countryside around Veliko Tarnovo. Our tours are designed to offer you a unique experience and exciting experiences. Be part of our adventure and create memories that will stay with you forever! Explore all our offers in one click here.

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